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  1. Cucurbitacin E is a highly oxidated steroid consisting of a tetracyclic triterpene.
  2. Over time, the muscle proteins oxidates, which may cause a brown discoloration near the surface of the meat.
  3. If it is kept in direct sunlight, it will oxidate much faster, and will most probibly be rancid before the expire date .]
  4. "' Sulfur-oxidating bacteria "'instead derive their energy from oxidation of the sulfide reaching the oxygenated layers of soda lakes.
  5. The laccase, a polyphenol oxidase and an enzyme oxidating urishiol and laccol obtained from the lacquer tree, was first studied by Gabriel Bertrand in 1894.
  6. Warning : strong oxidating agents can screw you over pretty badly, as can strong mineral acids . talk ) 05 : 17, 25 January 2008 ( UTC)
  7. It is believed that petroleum is created when deposits of incompletely oxidated plant and animal sediment are subjected to great heat and pressure from overlying sediments, causing partial distillation.
  8. Through an experiment to see if NiTiO 3 could serve as a catalyst for Toluene Oxidation in comparison to NiFe 2 O 4, NiTiO 3 achieved greater results than its experimental counterpart in oxidating toluene.
  9. Where gas hydrates are observed on the seafloor, there are mats of chemosynthetic bacteria which derive their energy from hydrogen sulphide produced by the oxidate of methane by a second group of microbes living deep within the sediments.
  10. To date Waste Water which has already invested up to RM1 million to upgrade its fabrication capabilities, has also allocated an additional RM2 million to set up a research and development centre to improve its technology in oxidating ditch system, flush dewatering and flocculation.
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