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  1. Riders appreciate the nearly silent operation of its springless centrifugal pawls.
  2. When power to the coil disconnects, the spring retracts the pawl.
  3. But the pawl ( assumed to be rigid ) will then oscillate.
  4. The pawl goes over center as it is turned in the forward direction.
  5. This was achieved by a ratchet and pawl mechanism.
  6. Pawls then secured them in one of four positions.
  7. It is kept there against spring tension by a pawl pivoted on the frame.
  8. Pawl Galea and u | ?Muscat Azzopardi.
  9. If the parking pawl breaks off or bends, serious transaxle damage can occur.
  10. Ms . Pawl said : " Some of them try to give us money.
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