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  1. As noted here, the original name for the Polaroid was the Polaroid Land Camera.
  2. Same goes for the " Polaroid Land Camera 1000 " SX-70 camera ( s ).
  3. CAMERA OBSCURE :-- There are only five 20 by 24 Polaroid Land Cameras in the world.
  4. Armed with a 195 Polaroid Land camera, Morrisroe shot hundreds of portraits of himself, and his friends and lovers.
  5. Mark worked with film, using a wide range of cameras in various formats, from 4?-inch view camera, and a 20?4 Polaroid Land Camera,
  6. Accredited with iconic designs such as the UPS truck, Pringles Potato Chips canister, Scope Mouthwash bottle, Regan-era Air Force One, Polaroid Land Camera,
  7. *1947-In New York City, Edwin Land demonstrates the first " instant camera ", the Polaroid Land Camera, to a meeting of the Optical Society of America
  8. It is  a transparent material containing embedded crystals capable of polarizing light : used in optics, photography etc .  It says Polaroid is short for Polaroid Land Camera.
  9. Introduced in 1978 by Edwin H . Land, inventor of the Polaroid Land Camera, the 20 by 24 has evolved from a novelty, intended to impress Polaroid shareholders, to an invaluable photographic tool.
  10. His rambling, eccentric book is nearly encyclopedic, with its chronicle of the evolution of mimeographs, Speedographs and Gestetner machines, Polaroid Land Cameras and virtual reality war games, special repographic inks ( made of " Aleppo galls, gum arabic, green copperas and alum " ) and infinitely replicable digital codes.
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