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  1. A state of emergency barred access to many of the polders.
  2. Polders are regions below sea level kept dry only by dikes.
  3. After WWII, Urk's town spread into the polder.
  4. Over 4 kilometers inland is the rural polder village of Wulpen.
  5. And polders below sea level made of organic material are unstable.
  6. Several parts of the city and the surrounding urban area are polders.
  7. The coastal plain consists mainly of sand dunes and polders.
  8. Doubts began to surface about the cost-effectiveness of the polder.
  9. Albrandswaard actually is a polder located between Rhoon and Poortugaal.
  10. Circa 1624 the smaller polders Bosschenpolder and Nieuwlandpolder were added to it.
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