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  1. In South Africa this resulted in the official policy of apartheid from 1950.
  2. Arabic for " without " _ " amounts to a policy of apartheid ."
  3. Following Gilbert's retirement, Donegan succeeded him as the twelfth South African policy of apartheid.
  4. I neither embrace nor endorse the policy of apartheid.
  5. These were South Africa's last Paralympics for sixteen years due to South Africa's policy of apartheid.
  6. After the Nationalist Party won the 1948 General Election, the policy of Apartheid began with force.
  7. The brutal policy of apartheid is being carried out before the eyes of the whole world,
  8. Under South Africa's policy of apartheid, land was set aside for black peoples in self-governing territories.
  9. By the mid-1980s, South Africa was becoming increasingly isolated due to its highly controversial policy of apartheid.
  10. The country was banned from the Olympics from 1964 through 1988 because of the policies of apartheid.
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