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  1. For every minor traffic violation, policyholders would fall two levels.
  2. It has advanced death benefits to nearly 750 policyholders since 1990.
  3. It gave RMS data showing its policyholder concentrations by ZIP codes.
  4. "Who represents the policyholders ? " asks Nader.
  5. The policyholders have been well cared for, the company says.
  6. About 3, 000 policyholders attended today's special meeting.
  7. The takeover was approved by more than 97 percent of policyholders.
  8. The merger is subject to approval of policyholders of both companies.
  9. The other 90 percent remains for the mutual's policyholders.
  10. Policyholder-owned insurers report their earnings annually rather than quarterly.
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