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  1. Likewise, directors will not benefit from any proceeds of sales.
  2. Part of the CD's proceeds of sale went to charity.
  3. The proceeds of sales were donated to Make-A-Wish Canada.
  4. The securities are expected to be backed by the proceeds of sales of tequila abroad.
  5. The interests under the settlement are over-reached i . e . shifted to the proceeds of sale.
  6. The proceeds of sales in December of $ 2 billion of bonds were set aside for use in 1997.
  7. Revenue is generated from the proceeds of sales and lease of the vast landed properties for domestic construction, agricultural and industrial use.
  8. Both assets continue to exist, the goods in the hands of the buyer and proceeds of sale in the hands of the seller.
  9. Between 2011 and 2015 Together for Short Lives has benefited from the proceeds of sales The X Factor charity and winner s singles.
  10. If the borrower defaults, the logbook lender can seize the vehicle and look to the proceeds of sale for satisfaction of the loan.
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