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  1. He illustrated the movie poster for the feature-length documentary " Rabbit Fever " ( 2009 ).
  2. In 2006, Lee had a small part as a pop star in the film " Rabbit Fever ".
  3. Rabbit fever, or tularemia, is caused by a bacterium that usually is transmitted by ticks and by handling animal carcasses.
  4. Although a cluster of rabbit fever pneumonia cases occurred on Martha's Vineyard in 1978, tularemia cases have rarely been reported since then.
  5. In the summer of 2000, an outbreak of tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, resulted in one death and piqued the interest of the Francisella tularensis ".
  6. The disease, known as " rabbit fever, " also can be transmitted by contact with water or soil that has been contaminated by an infected animal or by inhalation of contaminated particles.
  7. TULAREMIA _ Bioterrorism was a main reason that Dr . Katherine A . Feldman's team from the CDC was summoned to investigate five cases of rabbit fever pneumonia on Martha's Vineyard last summer.
  8. ""'Rabbit Fever " "'is a 2009 feature-length documentary film directed by Amy Do, about the competition at the 2005 National Convention of the American Rabbit Breeders'Association ( ARBA ), the largest assemblage of rabbits in the world.
  9. Under pressure from veterans organizations and members of Congress, the Pentagon admitted last month that the tests had involved lethal nerve gases sarin and VX, and several dangerous germ agents, such as E . coli and rabbit fever.
  10. But further investigation turned up a surprise : local doctors had detected a small number of cases of rabbit fever pneumonia over recent years but had not reported them to the health department as they were supposed to do.
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