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  1. The most famous Xuan ink brushes are elaborately made of brownish rabbit hair.
  2. The pen nib was made with fine rabbit hair; its length is 2.5 cm.
  3. Meng Tian's brush consisted of actual camel hair, or sometimes rabbit hair, lashed to a wooden handle with twine.
  4. Pregnant rabbits that have been shaved will line their straw nest with available alternatives, such as male rabbit hair or synthetic hair.
  5. In the surrounding countryside, there were many workers collecting rabbit hair, and their activity was sometimes perpetuated in the name of localities.
  6. He also simulated the special brush used in sumie, typically made of horse or rabbit hair and tapered into a fine tip.
  7. Traditionally it is made from rabbit hair felt, but is usually made from other materials, such as tweed, straw, wool and wool / nylon blends.
  8. The felt was obtained from domestic rabbit hair, which was the subject of many processes, carried out by workers in difficult conditions of humidity, such as blowing or fulling.
  9. However, the installation of the railway line to Romans in 1864 put an end to the local origin of the raw material, since cheaper Australian rabbit hair was then preferred.
  10. Modern brushes are primarily white goat hair ( ?�k ), black rabbit hair ( + } �k ), yellow weasel hair ( ��k / �r�k ), or a combination mix.
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