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  1. Is this book the final word on race differences in intelligence?
  2. :: I'm not American, but I'm fascinated with the American perspective on race differences.
  3. Another obvious change may be reduction of the small polymorphism associations we call race differences.
  4. The 2002 IQ and the Wealth of Nations with the 2006 Race differences in intelligence.
  5. Three drivers are within 137 points ( less than a one-race difference ) of Gordon.
  6. Lynn's 2006 " Race Differences in Intelligence " is the largest review of the global cognitive ability data.
  7. Such a view makes behavioral neoteny play a non-significant role in gender and race differences, and puts an emphasis on culture.
  8. This was the ultimate display of friendship between Piccolo and Sayers, who were friends despite race differences within society during the 1960s.
  9. It takes an academic approach to the question, focusing on psychological experiments aimed at understanding perceptions of race differences among children and adults.
  10. The review article " Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability " by Rushton and Jensen was published in 2005.
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