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  1. The champion race horse was defeated in the Breeders'Cup Classic by Blame.
  2. The champion Standardbred race horse Deweycheatumnhowe takes his name from this pun.
  3. Medaglia d'Oro is not the only lightly raced horse in the field.
  4. I meant as a scientific experiment, not to clone another race horse,
  5. I was the only kid in school who owned a race horse.
  6. When he runs, he resembles a race horse more than a greyhound.
  7. Nothing goes faster than the money you put on a race horse.
  8. Typing in " List of race horse owners " gets zero hits.
  9. Peck owned the thoroughbred race horse Different Class, which raced in England.
  10. Paddy wins a lot of money and a race horse playing two-up.
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