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  1. Race prejudice is obviously part of the package; so is race fascination.
  2. In addition to denouncing slavery, the sisters denounced race prejudice.
  3. White America has allowed itself to be indifferent to race prejudice and economic denial.
  4. He told a reporter, " They say it is a matter of race prejudice.
  5. One's response might well be, " What is more American than race prejudice ?"
  6. Abbott was seeking an atmosphere free of race prejudice.
  7. He said that this taught him : " Race prejudice has nothing to do with color.
  8. "Maybe there was a prejudice going on about the police that isn't terribly dissimilar to race prejudice ."
  9. He claimed that race prejudice was the cause of his inability to attain his and other African American scientists'funding.
  10. The slogan of the paper and the first goal was  American race prejudice must be destroyed . 
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