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  1. A spectral plot represents radiant intensity versus wavelength at an instant in time.
  2. Light with the same radiant intensity at other wavelengths has a lower luminous intensity.
  3. For example, radiant intensity can be measured in watts per steradian ( W�sr  " 1 ).
  4. In radio-frequency engineering, radiant intensity is sometimes called "'radiation intensity " '.
  5. Wien's displacement law determines the most likely frequency of the emitted radiation, and the Stefan Boltzmann law gives the radiant intensity.
  6. A "'radiometric plot "'represents the radiant intensity versus time; there can be plots at multiple bands or wavelengths.
  7. When calculating the radiant intensity emitted by a source, " ? " refers to the solid angle into which the light is emitted.
  8. The term can refer to any of irradiance, luminous intensity, radiant intensity, or radiance, depending on the background of the person using the term.
  9. In optics, "'Lambert's cosine law "'says that the radiant intensity or luminous intensity observed from an ideal surface normal.
  10. The contrast radiant intensity method of defining infrared signature is to take the difference in average radiance of the object and that of the immediate background and multiply this by the projected area of the object.
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