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  1. He once arrived at the annual party wearing a red wood box.
  2. This red wood is commonly used for building houses and ships.
  3. The white concrete and red wood church was built in 1981.
  4. The head offices of SNU at Red Woods are within the college grounds.
  5. Inside the chapel, Brooks rested in a red wood coffin, topped with red roses.
  6. It has red wood clapboard siding and a gabled roof.
  7. The Hokkaido supercolony is populated by a relatively common species, the Japanese red wood ant.
  8. The red wood ant is inactive in winter and the immature beetle leaves its nest.
  9. "' Pagoo Inc "'is a computer-linked telephone answering service corporation based in Red Wood Shores, California.
  10. The museum preserves a thousand red wood carvings and a few hundred stone and brick carvings.
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