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  1. Both kite balloons and non-rigid airships are sometimes called " blimps ".
  2. The Nazi rigid airship " Luxembourg " appears overhead to evacuate Sinclair.
  3. The "'Zeppelin LZ 1 "'was the first truly successful experimental rigid airship.
  4. Anders dies 1937 when the Hindenburg rigid airship explodes in Lakehurst, USA.
  5. Before this day the rigid airships were docked at Campo dos Afonsos.
  6. He became convinced that medium-sized, semi-rigid airships were superior to " Roma ".
  7. The practical limit for rigid airships was about, and for pressure airships around.
  8. A blimp with too long a hull semi-rigids and rigid airships.
  9. Rigid airships, which had a wood or metal frame, are no longer flown.
  10. In 1911 the first rigid airship produced by the German Sch�tte-Lanz company was flown.
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