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  1. Barotropic Rossby waves have the highest speeds and do not vary vertically.
  2. Rossby waves are caused by changes in the Coriolis effect with latitude.
  3. For oceanographers, the Rossby waves don't tell them anything new about ocean conditions.
  4. The Rossby wave instability occurs because of the local wave trapping in a disc.
  5. He identified and characterized both the jet stream and Rossby waves in the atmosphere.
  6. There are two types of Rossby waves, barotropic and baroclinic.
  7. Barotropic Rossby waves do not vary in the vertical, and have the fastest propagation speeds.
  8. A " cylinder " planet has no Rossby Waves.
  9. Inertial waves affected by the slope of the ocean floor are often called Rossby waves.
  10. Their scales were close to those of the planetary baroclinic Rossby waves . . ."
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