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  1. Frenchman Didier Rous was third, 4 seconds behind the leader.
  2. Spaniard Javier Pascual is third, trailing Rous by 20 seconds.
  3. The boss of a work crew rouses him from his flashback.
  4. One night a Tatar woman comes to Andriy and rouses him.
  5. This rouses Sobel's suspicion, and he visits Vitti.
  6. This rouses Marty's attention and he asks about it.
  7. All LeBlanc's Food Stores were rebranded as Rouses Markets.
  8. The sound of the gunshot rouses the rest of the residents.
  9. He was the brother of Sir Thomas Rous, 1st Baronet.
  10. (italics ) You sulph'rous and thought-executing fire,
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