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  1. Several applications of the saddle soap, and buffing, may be necessary.
  2. You can almost smell the war paint and saddle soap.
  3. Saddle soap is used for cleaning, conditioning, and softening leather.
  4. The best way to clean leather is by washing it with a good saddle soap.
  5. The only other treatment for leather is saddle soap, but if the spray works, keep at it.
  6. :Saddle soap is the stuff.
  7. A . Clean the leather with saddle soap or its equivalent, usually found in hardware stores or shoe shops.
  8. I am not even sure the saddle soap will get rid of the dull spots, but it's worth trying.
  9. Upon returning to Long Beach in June 1963, she participated in another fleet exercise, Operation " Saddle Soap ."
  10. If you can't find saddle soap, you can find a substitute under another name at hardware stores and cobbler shops.
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