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  1. Sadowa was captured, but a fierce battle ensued in a nearby forest.
  2. In the Second Polish Republic, Sadowa Wisznia belonged to Mostyska County, Lwow Voivodeship.
  3. Regional Sejmiks for Lwow Land, Sanok Land and Przemysl Land took place in Sadowa Wisznia.
  4. Others view Bismarck as actively pushing war with France continuously from the time of the Battle of Sadowa.
  5. Some have survived since the logging days and remain inhabited, including Sadowa, Sebright, and Uphill.
  6. Last units of the Brigade capitulated on September 26, after skirmishes in the area of Sadowa Wisznia.
  7. But on 3 July, the Prussian army crushed the Austrian army at the Battle of Sadowa, in Bohemia.
  8. In the Middle Ages, Ampezzo fell under the jurisdiction of the Sadowa in 1866 when Venice was ceded to Italy.
  9. On the road, it recaptured the town of Sadowa Wisznia, which had been occupied by German 1st Mountain Division.
  10. In July, the two armies clashed at Sadowa-K�niggr�tz ( Bohemia ) in an enormous battle involving half a million men.
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