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  1. One can also define a similar curve for dim conditions ( scotopic vision ).
  2. Scotopic vision is dominated by retina amacrine cells, specifically all-amacrine cells.
  3. Photopic vision facilitates excellent color discrimination ability, whereas colors are indiscriminable under scotopic vision.
  4. In scotopic vision, people are more sensitive to light which would appear greenish-blue.
  5. Scotopic vision occurs at luminance levels of 10  " 3 to 10  " 6 cd / m?
  6. In most night-time environments, there is enough ambient light at night to prevent true scotopic vision.
  7. Central vision is relatively weak in the dark ( scotopic vision ) since cone cells lack sensitivity at low light levels.
  8. The sensitivity to light in scotopic vision varies with wavelength, though the perception is essentially black-and-white.
  9. Other forms of amacrine cell are likely to play modulatory roles, allowing adjustment of sensitivity for photopic and scotopic vision.
  10. Could it have been Purkinje effect or scotopic vision ?-- Shantavira 07 : 01, 12 August 2006 ( UTC)
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