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  1. Dinner is an introduction to the Scotsman's renowned cuisine.
  2. 18th-century Scotsman and his 20th-century time-traveling
  3. an 18th-century Scotsman and his 20th-century time-
  4. As a young Scotsman, Gordon never thought much about God.
  5. The Scotsman changed putters after The Players Championship two weeks ago.
  6. Others were also creeping up on the straight-hitting Scotsman.
  7. Scotsman Colin McRae was out on Saturday's first stage.
  8. The Scotsman earned the 2000 championship after he completed 25 laps.
  9. Flying Scotsman, http : / / www . flyingscotsman . com
  10. The Scotsman, Edinburgh, Scotland, on unrest in Iraq:
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