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  1. The most unusual feature is the combined wind-on and shutter release lever.
  2. A larger-size shutter release enables easy operation with gloved or wet hands.
  3. Notable omissions include depth-of-field preview and any form of remote shutter release.
  4. The S1 removed the'T'setting but added a physical remote shutter release screw.
  5. Art fingers the shutter release, the autofocus lens clicking with tiny corrections.
  6. Arthritis had gnarled his fingers into a permanent shutter release position.
  7. The picture can be zapped by pushing the shutter release again.
  8. This grip completely lacked controls of any kind, even a shutter release button.
  9. When the bomb left the plane, he pressed the automatic shutter release and ran.
  10. automatic, activated by pressing half-way on the shutter release or a dedicated AF button.
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