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  1. The moving signal arms were suspended with counterweights to enable easy adjustment.
  2. One stop signal arm is required; a second may also be installed.
  3. All signal arms were still painted red at this time.
  4. The levers and signal arms were connected by hemp ropes and later by wire cables.
  5. At a Chicago car show, some visitors got into a car and yanked off the turn-signal arm.
  6. He also argued successfully that the train-track signal arms malfunctioned, lifting before the train reached the crossing.
  7. The signal arm and signal mast were also green and white until 1922; then red and white.
  8. The position of each lever corresponded to the three-level alignment of the signal arms on the mast above.
  9. Police said they apparently did not see the unlighted signal arm over the tracks until too late . ( pfg)
  10. From 1872, distant signal arms ( see below ) were distinguished by having a " fishtail " notch cut into the end.
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