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  1. The stolen base and the hit and run softens up a pitcher.
  2. I want all this skin to soften up a lot first ."
  3. This is America's team : Battle softens up a table with charm.
  4. Once broken-in, they wore out quickly as they continued to soften up.
  5. The Stars seemed to soften up as Buffalo became the pedal-to-the-metal predator.
  6. From this point, Jason softens up, allowing the hostages to order food.
  7. The technique was used to " soften up " detainees prior to interrogation.
  8. It softens up the greens, it softens up the golf course.
  9. If you want to soften up clean lines, it works well.
  10. And Dad is beginning to soften up around the edges, too.
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