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  1. The first two quantities are specifiable in terms of appropriate mechanical variables, and by definition
  2. Thus in its totality, the holomovement is not limited in any specifiable way at all.
  3. Hegel consistently lays more stress on passion than on the more historically specifiable interests of men.
  4. Weber defined domination ( authority ) as the chance of commands being obeyed by a specifiable group of people.
  5. The process of transforming tacit knowledge into explicit or specifiable knowledge is known as codification, articulation, or specification.
  6. As a result, there are only k-1 separately specifiable probabilities, and hence k-1 separately identifiable vectors of coefficients.
  7. He considered it scientifically incoherent to claim that a medication or food constituent had a specifiable satiating power and an effect in itself on weight.
  8. Programmers, statisticians or logicians are concerned in their work with the main operational or technical significance of a concept which is specifiable in objective, quantifiable terms.
  9. For the moving-in there was a tax between 50 and 500 Gulden and a new sum specifiable every year to be paid as a general contribution.
  10. According to Yudkowsky, building a Friendly AI is primarily about designing a system with " stable, specifiable goals ", independent of whether those goals are moral.
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