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  1. Bell developed two complete fuzing systems, airburst or surface burst.
  2. No provision was made for surface burst at this time.
  3. One hour after a surface burst, the radiation from fallout in the crater region is 30 grays per hour ( Gy / h ).
  4. In case of water surface bursts, the particles tend to be rather lighter and smaller, producing less local fallout but extending over a greater area.
  5. "This lower yield would achieve the same damage while producing less fallout _ by a factor of 10 to 20 _ than would the much larger-yield surface burst, " it said.
  6. However the most effective use of a neutron bomb with respect to area denial would be to encase it in a thick shell of material that could be neutron activated, and use a surface burst.
  7. The surface bursts have resulted in widespread radioactive fallout of such intensity that over substantial parts of the United States the taking of shelter for considerable periods of time is the only means of survival . ..
  8. Also, I'm not sure if an air-burst is the best way to sink a single ship; a surface burst might be more effective, by swamping the ship . talk ) 15 : 07, 29 January 2009 ( UTC)
  9. Widespread radioactive fallout itself was not recognized as a threat among the public at large before 1954, until the widely publicized story of the 15-megaton surface burst of the experimental test shot Castle Bravo on the Marshall Islands.
  10. For a surface burst, absorption of gamma rays by air would limit the range of gamma ray deposition to approximately 10 miles, while for a burst in the lower-density air at high altitudes, the range of deposition would be far greater.
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