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  1. The careful language clearly amounted to a tacit recognition of two important facts.
  2. It is a tacit recognition of the structures ( for foreigners ) that exist.
  3. His hollow referendum implies a tacit recognition that he ought to seek the consent of the governed.
  4. The plan was abandoned after officials complained it gave tacit recognition to the city's outlaw image.
  5. Bush recently endorsed the Gaza withdrawal plan and gave tacit recognition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
  6. Iran said the resolution gave tacit recognition to the state of Israel, something the Iranian government strongly opposes.
  7. This year they hope to put him over the top, which Herlihy feels is tacit recognition that Lallement invented the bicycle.
  8. Clinton's presence was meant to reassure Israel, yet some now see it as conveying tacit recognition of Palestinian statehood.
  9. Israel sees visits by foreign ministers to the Orient House as a tacit recognition of Palestinian claims to sovereignty in the disputed city.
  10. But that would mean tacit recognition by Belgrade of Zagreb's sovereignty over Serb-held parts of Croatia, something Croatian Serbs reject.
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