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  1. When Avacyn's thaumaturgy reached him, Garruk regained his senses.
  2. These are conjuration, alteration, evocation, construction, enchantment and thaumaturgy.
  3. :: We have articles on thaumaturgy and triangles.
  4. Sessions for the second album, entitled " Thaumaturgy ", began in mid-October 2006.
  5. Apart from those, a fifth type of magic known as Thaumaturgy exists and is pioneered by Mythran.
  6. Saint Minas the Martyr and Thaumaturgy is one of the saints of the Turkish means " eye-village ".
  7. The band chose to play two tracks from the album " Thaumaturgy " :'Shibboleth'and'Creep Eastward '.
  8. Harry also possesses great skill at thaumaturgy-he prefers it, since it gives him more structure and precision for his power.
  9. Dresden used thaumaturgy-in this case, a voodoo doll of sorts-to attack Justin, who fought back using his own magical ability.
  10. The magic system is broken up into immediate Evocation and planned Thaumaturgy, with the casting itself being freeform and the role being to control the magic.
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