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  1. McLuhan does not offer a theory of communication.
  2. As a theory of communication, it is in the social constructionism school of thought.
  3. Students learn basic theory of communication engineering technology through practicing communication engineering projects in the lab.
  4. Information theory was added to the field with a 1948 mathematical theory of communication by Claude Shannon.
  5. Apel has proposed that a theory of communication should be grounded in the transcendental-pragmatic conditions of communication.
  6. Shannon entropy was introduced by Claude E . Shannon in his 1948 paper " A Mathematical Theory of Communication ".
  7. Instead of grounding our theories of communication in politics or economics or machines, Gunaratne appeals to the human instead.
  8. In other words, the system theory becomes a theory of communication and how meaning is created within different social systems.
  9. This classified report also precedes the publication of his " A Mathematical Theory of Communication ", which appeared in 1948.
  10. In its most basic sense, "'multimodality "'is a theory of communication and social semiotics.
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