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  1. The Prosite pattern recognizes only the cellular type of thymidine kinases.
  2. For this purpose tritiated thymidine is included in the growth medium.
  3. The herpes gene produces its own enzyme, known as thymidine kinase.
  4. After cell division is completed, TK1 is inhibitor to thymidine kinase.
  5. The second route is sufficient to supply thymidine monophosphate for DNA repair.
  6. A similar system has been tried using tomato thymidine kinase and AZT.
  7. A very extensive number of thymidine derivatives containing boron have been described.
  8. Recent research has found that thymidine phosphorylase is also involved in angiogenesis.
  9. Instead of thymidine, RNA contains uridine ( uracil joined to ribose ).
  10. Thymidine kinase can then phosphorylate this compound into thymidine monophosphate ( TMP ).
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