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  1. The most common choices are PU synthetic grips or towelling grips.
  2. Towelling is back, in bright polo tops or pastels.
  3. :Is it not possible to use towelling ( non disposable diapers ) instead?
  4. The intimacy only went as far as bathing the boy and towelling him off.
  5. The mill was weaving towelling products when it closed at the end of 2000.
  6. Towelling grips are always replacement grips.
  7. Versace's mix of bright printed towelling and boned gingham has the same fresh, if sexier, look.
  8. In the bathroom : When you're towelling yourself dry, stretch arms diagonally against back as shown in the diagram.
  9. Called Ihram clothing, men's garments often consist of two white un-hemmed sheets ( usually towelling material ).
  10. || 1891-Barker and Co Ltd In 1897 this single-storey mill was weaving towelling on 260 looms }}
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