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  1. MF stations were also used which used four guyed 30m lattice tower antennas.
  2. The transmitter and three-tower antenna array are located in Watertown to the KFXN site.
  3. That location is a back-up, in emergency, to the Willis Tower antenna.
  4. The station is on the same two-tower antenna farm along with WWKA, WTKS.
  5. KRVN broadcasts from a four-tower antenna array located in the middle of cornfields near Holdrege, Nebraska.
  6. The new proposed daytime directional antenna pattern will require a 4 tower antenna array at the new transmitter site.
  7. This tower type is a partially guyed tower, which combines a lower free standing tower antennas with an upper guyed mast.
  8. A bridge is available which measures complex impedance while the transmitter is operating, practically a necessity when tuning multi tower antenna systems.
  9. Meyers battles Caruzzo's elite soldiers and destroys the Black Tower antenna, causing a massive explosion that destroys the volcano and Caruzzo along with it.
  10. Along with the installers of the tower antennas, other crews climb the towers to perform condition checks of the towers, guy lines and lighting systems.
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