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  1. Demyelination, further inflammation and axonal transection are the result.
  2. Alternatively, the optic nerve may be localized with a clamp before transection.
  3. These results were very different from the midbrain transection.
  4. However, in spinal cord transection, these impulses are unable to travel past the injury.
  5. He was born with a spinal cord transection that left him unable to use his legs.
  6. His first procedure was to make a transection in the midbrain, the results were dramatic.
  7. Bleeding at the site of the transection is possible, but the procedure is generally well tolerated.
  8. Further transection of the neuraxis ( caudal to the midcollicular level ) attenuated the exercise pressor reflex.
  9. The thoracic operation consists of an extensive paraesophageal devascularization up to the inferior pulmonary vein and esophageal transection.
  10. Stage 1 of the Norwood procedure involves atrial septectomy and transection and ligation of the distal main pulmonary artery.
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