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  1. The tunnels could be used to transfer arms or people,
  2. CRC Technology, the Cancer Research Campaign's technology transfer arm, has filed a patent application to safeguard the invention.
  3. In return, Yeltsin will transfer arms and space technology that will save China years in its race to superpower status.
  4. Nations are required to freeze their assets, prevent their movements and block any attempts to sell or transfer arms to them.
  5. They are the people most affected by the huge mergers in the industry and complex " offset " deals that transfer arms production overseas.
  6. The four most prominent examples of these units are University of Warwick Science Park; Warwick HRI; Warwick Ventures ( the technology transfer arm of the University ); and WMG.
  7. Questions arose as to the propriety of certain actions taken by the National Security Council staff and the manner in which the decision to transfer arms to Iran had been made.
  8. The deal appeared to undercut a law, co-sponsored by Gore when he was a senator, that required economic sanctions against countries that transfer arms to countries that sponsor terrorism, including Iran.
  9. On November 8, 1860, Colonel Gardner ordered Captain Truman Seymour under his command to transfer arms from the Charleston arsenal to Fort Moultire but the news of the shipment somehow reached Charleston and was blocked by civilians.
  10. It is fitted with an auxiliary power unit to eliminate the need to run the main engine to keep the batteries charged while stationary; electrical servos drive the automated elevation, traverse, magazine, shell transfer arm and loader as well as power for electronics and communications.
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