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  1. Due to this, the share transfer books and register of members will be closed from December 3 to December 9 1997 for the purpose of determining shareholders'entitlement to the special dividend.
  2. The stock-transfer book is closed at least ten days before the annual meeting, to enable the secretary to prepare a list of stockholders and the number of shares held by each.
  3. Associated Kaolin disclosed in a statement that the share transfer books, register of members and register of warrantholders of the company will be closed from January 14 1998 to January 15 1998.
  4. NSTP has also given notice that the share transfer books and the register of members of the company will be closed from February 6 to February 7, both dates inclusive, for determining shareholders'entitlement to the dividend payment.
  5. Digging through my heat transfer book, I can't find any simple relationships for the situation you have, which is one-dimensional conduction with adiabatic boundary conditions at both ends ( no heat transfer in or out of either end ).

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