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  1. Prados have ladder frames, two-speed transfer boxes and rear beam axles.
  2. The brake is mounted to the rear output shaft of the transfer box.
  3. The transfer box was a New Process 208, which is propshaft-driven and cable-operated.
  4. Audi's transfer box based system was used on vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.
  5. The same transfer box can also be found in Chevrolet Blazers and Jeep Cherokees.
  6. Both came with a two-speed transfer box and permanent four-wheel-drive.
  7. A propshaft driven, rod / shaft controlled transfer box was installed under the vehicle.
  8. The four-speed gearbox from the Rover P3 was used, with a new two-speed transfer box.
  9. At the same time the transfer box was upgraded to the New Process 241 .<
  10. Unlike a typical transfer box for permanent four-wheel drive, there is no differential action front-to-back.
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