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  1. This White House team knows how to upstage a presidential trip.
  2. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani keeps finding himself upstaged by his own family.
  3. But Popeil allows himself to be upstaged only by his products.
  4. There is no one around who could possibly upstage the Boss.
  5. So implausible was the ending, that Smits upstaged Reggie Miller.
  6. It looks like I'm trying to upstage the Beatles.
  7. Rodman drew attention to himself and tried to upstage the team.
  8. But sometimes the artists are quite literally upstaged by their setting.
  9. Who'd have thought Thomas Bjorn would upstage Tiger Woods?
  10. But Sarnoff, furious at being upstaged, refused to participate.
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