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  1. This problem was overcome somewhat by using a combined fuel / vacuum booster pump.
  2. The vacuum booster was invented in 1927 in order to provide a shorter stopping distance.
  3. The master cylinder is located behind the driver s side dashboard mounted on the vacuum booster.
  4. Standard equipment included : safety glass, spare wheel and tire, dual horns, vacuum booster pump and cigarette lighter.
  5. The vacuum booster or vacuum servo is used in most modern hydraulic brake systems which contain four wheels.
  6. The vacuum booster is attached between the master cylinder and the brake pedal and assists the braking force applied by the driver.
  7. These are pushed by the output rod of the vacuum booster to compress fluid within its primary and secondary chambers ( hydraulic pressure ).
  8. A highlight of the brake system was that it had a vacuum booster, which amplifies the foot pressure on the pedal by up to three times.
  9. Loss of manifold vacuum when the engine was working hard, or at wide open throttle, necessitated using a vacuum booster pump which was usually part of the fuel pump.
  10. Vacuum boosters provide brake assist for the driver by multiplying the force out of the booster creating more than the force that was used to push on the brake pedal.
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