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  1. Its technology relies on an electrical device called a vacuum diode.
  2. The power supply was three phase using three 4222-A vacuum diodes also water-cooled.
  3. It was also called a thermionic valve, vacuum diode, kenotron, thermionic tube, or Fleming valve.
  4. There were various vacuum / gas devices, such as the mercury arc rectifiers, thyratrons, ignitrons, and vacuum diodes.
  5. It was first used to give the space-charge-limited current in a vacuum diode with electrode spacing " d ".
  6. He designed Infrared Radiation Detector on the basis of Bimetallic Plate Vacuum Diode ( 1932 ), designed Selective Optic-Acoustical Detector-- Spectrophone with wide sensitivity spectrum ( 1937 ).
  7. First proposed by Clement D . Child in 1911, Child's Law states that the space-charge limited current ( SCLC ) in a plane-parallel vacuum diode varies directly as the three-halves power of the anode voltage " V " " a " and inversely as the square of the distance " d " separating the cathode and the anode.
  8. Vacuum diode rectifiers were widely used in power supplies in vacuum tube consumer electronic products, such as phonographs, radios, and televisions, for example the All American Five radio receiver, to provide the high DC plate voltage needed by other vacuum tubes . " Full-wave " versions with two separate plates were popular because they could be used with a center-tapped transformer to make a full-wave rectifier.
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