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  1. These days, quite a few vehicles rate 100 points at show.
  2. To find out how a vehicle rates, call the Auto Safety Hotline at 800-424-9393.
  3. The RS-83 was designed for a loss of vehicle rate of 1 in 1, 000.
  4. Vehicles rated by the magazine are driven at a test track in East Haddam, Conn ., and examined for 50 performance factors.
  5. Power's annual survey of customer satisfaction with tires sold on their vehicles rated Michelin top in both passenger car and light truck tires.
  6. About 25 percent of consumers who bought certified nonluxury vehicles rated their vehicles outstanding, compared with 16 percent of those who bought noncertified cars.
  7. A 64 % reduction was found for drivers in " Acceptable " rated vehicles and a 49 % reduction in vehicles rated " Marginal ".
  8. Commercial vehicle rates, which fell an average of 7 percent over the year, were slightly stronger in the fourth quarter, which showed an average 5 percent reduction.
  9. Consumers Union stands by its test and says the Trooper / SLX and Samurai were the only vehicles rated unacceptable among 48 that ran the short course since 1988.
  10. The second generation Prius plug-in hybrid, called MPGe rating in EV mode of any vehicle rated by EPA . Unlike its predecessor, the Prime runs entirely on electricity in EV mode.
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