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  1. A veloute of bitter herbs sparkled with clear, insistent flavor.
  2. VELOUTE DE CHAMPIGNONS Adapted from Lion d'Or, Romorantin-Lanthenay
  3. Now with a perfectly smooth veloute, all we needed was flavor.
  4. The veloute of spring peas also made an impression.
  5. Inside, we give you instructions for making a roux with the veloute recipe.
  6. If you let me, I will bring you first a crawfish and asparagus veloute.
  7. Chanterelle biscuits with whole eggs, poached, in truffle veloute with bacon bits and asparagus.
  8. Chicken veloute or a foie gras terrine, for instance, would not flatter a Chianti.
  9. It features the season's best fresh corn in a smooth-as-satin, creamy veloute.
  10. Starters include lobster and salmon ravioli with fresh dill and shellfish or lobster veloute with Cognac and fresh dill.
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