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  1. I feel that the Greek government have acted unjustly and vindictively.
  2. I am not following Malke 2010 around and I'm not acting vindictively.
  3. Angry that he'd lost, Phillip vindictively tore down Harley's house.
  4. Media-skewing and the propensity of the public to go vindictively hysterical and all.
  5. Tigana's lawyer, Paul Goulding, suggested that Al Fayed was acting " vindictively ."
  6. The self-centered Mildred vindictively berates Philip with nasty insults for becoming romantically interested in her.
  7. Sensing that Alfred and Natalie were intimate, Mary vindictively calls Roper and makes a date with him.
  8. Perhaps these edits are made to vindictively force other editors to have to waste time defending the truth.
  9. Yasser Arafat reacted vindictively to Sarraj's criticism, keeping him locked up for more than a week.
  10. Your block will prevent the user from damaging Wikipedia further, but we should not vindictively destroy his business.
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