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  1. Visual examination shows optic atrophy and an increase in the blind spot.
  2. But he performed only a visual examination on the body, not an autopsy.
  3. With some areas, visual examination alone may not be sufficient.
  4. She works on motifs of animals and birds and visual examinations of Gond rituals.
  5. "' Whisky tasting "'is the analysis of whisky through visual examination, taste and aroma.
  6. The oral abnormalities are evaluated by radiographs and visual examination.
  7. A visual examination showed no defensive wounds or contusions, a medical examiner official said.
  8. The predicted results are displayed to support visual examination.
  9. Follow the shake test with a careful visual examination.
  10. Thirty-eight, or 75 percent, reported a reduction in symptoms, which researchers confirmed by visual examination.
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