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  1. This visual function is useful for accounts management and exception variance reporting.
  2. Generally surgery results in improved appearance only and not in improved visual function.
  3. Recovery of visual function is expected within 10 weeks.
  4. The study uses visual function status to compare two intervention sequences in managing the disease.
  5. The young patients are receiving vision therapy, a training program designed to improve visual function.
  6. Visual function in blind mice can be partially restored by expressing ChR2 in inner retinal cells.
  7. However, diminished contrast sensitivity may cause decreased visual function in spite of normal visual acuity.
  8. The design attempted to reproduce with modern features the acoustic and visual functions of traditional elements like filigree.
  9. The majority of corneal transplants result in significant improvement in visual function for many years or a lifetime.
  10. Fifty percent of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions, and images are processed faster than text.
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