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  1. Some were armed with serrated, folding knives, Weatherly said.
  2. Weatherly's life came to a sudden, shocking end.
  3. Weatherly jumped out of his car scared, then got angry.
  4. The letter was written in 1929, shortly before Weatherly died.
  5. The costumes ( by Christal Weatherly ) are weird and fantastic.
  6. For the next two seasons, Weatherly drove for Holman Moody.
  7. There was never a dull moment when Weatherly was around.
  8. Weatherly won 24 races, 20th on the all-time list.
  9. Sometimes Weatherly was aided by a shot of liquid courage.
  10. Jonathan Weatherly, a consultant at Towers Perrin in Chicago, agreed.
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