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  1. The requirement of absence of wilful default has become more problematic.
  2. With regard to the previous rule, it was held that the onus of demonstrating that the applicant was in wilful default rested on the respondent : " Whether this is still the case appears to be moot ."
  3. It is in these circumstances that the new sub-rule requires an applicant to show that he or she was not in wilful default and that the judgment was satisfied, or arrangements were made to satisfy the judgment, within a reasonable time after it came to his or her knowledge . " Does this mean, " asks Torquil Paterson,
  4. Although it is clearly established a clause seeking to exclude liability for fraud is invalid, yet liability may be excluded for employees dishonest conduct if their employer does not profit from it, and even for a party s own  wilful default .  A party can be exempted from liability not only for negligence but, as per " Afrox ", also for gross negligence.

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