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  1. She won the August Prize in 2013 for the novel " Wilful Disregard ".
  2. I therefore suggest that it should make its verdict as clear to all parties as possible and also spell out explicitly what sanctions may be applied for wilful disregard of the outcome of this arbitration.
  3. The trial judge said Sunland had run the case " for ulterior motive or in wilful disregard of the facts or clearly established law " and slammed the credibility of Sunland's witnesses, Sunland executive David Brown and chairman Soheil Abedian.
  4. In their public deeds and words, both Ashcroft and Falwell have betrayed at best, a misunderstanding, and at worse, a wilful disregard for how our liberty is about more than whether we are " safe " from terrorism or " saved " for eternity.

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