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  1. Usually, it just takes window cleaner and a razor blade, he said.
  2. Formby starred as Percy Piggott, the " innocent Lancashire window cleaner ".
  3. The ingredients included mouth wash, liquid shoe polish and window cleaner fluid.
  4. She's included recipes for flavored vinegar, window cleaner, hair conditioner and more.
  5. Windex in the US is a window cleaner and is usually blue.
  6. These are the same type of rig window cleaners use on skyscrapers.
  7. Tsukune uses her magic to teleport the window cleaner, and gets the part.
  8. Clarke, a window cleaner, told day eight of the retrial Wednesday.
  9. I have a problem breathing when I use a window cleaner with ammonia.
  10. After paint is dry, clean off fingerprint smudges with window cleaner.
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