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  1. In October 1970, Ted spent several days in the writ of attachment.
  2. The writ of attachment is issued in order to satisfy a judgment issued by the court.
  3. A prejudgment writ of attachment may be used to freeze assets of a defendant while a legal action is pending.
  4. A United States marshal went to Fort McHenry to serve the writ of attachment, but-- not surprisingly-- he returned empty-handed.
  5. After awarding custody to Tarkington, the judge issued a writ of attachment, authorizing sheriff's deputies to remove the boys from their mother's custody.
  6. That April, Voorhees filed a writ of attachment against Jackalow for unpaid attorney's fees, and the Leetes'executors were said to be contemplating similar action.
  7. "If I owned a couple million of Orange County bonds, I would just slap a writ of attachment on this money, " she said.
  8. Okoso also said that Nippon Meat Packer's will file a writ of attachment for Kato's personal assets in court in California on Monday, the Yomiuri reported.
  9. On June 1, 1893, the glory days of MCCHGMMC began to come to an end when the county Circuit Court issued a writ of attachment against the company.
  10. Accordingly, Taney issued a writ of attachment for Cadwalader, ordering a U . S . Marshal to seize Cadwalader and bring him before the court the following day.
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