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  1. It took Manager Buck Showalter berating them for their shoddy approach.
  2. Our congresswoman has conducted an investigation that was shoddy and incomplete,
  3. Raising hell about defective products and shoddy service can pay off.
  4. No one would tolerate a shoddy " Antigone "!
  5. Construction, mostly Mafia-controlled, is shoddy and illegal.
  6. Another shoddy performance in goal by Felix Potvin opened the floodgates.
  7. Why would the American Psychological Association would promote something so shoddy?
  8. Shoddy repairs stem partly from the strong used-car market.
  9. Contractors who do shoddy work, then refuse to fix it.
  10. There were games when the Colts'defense was embarrassingly shoddy.

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